How To Gain Customer Insight?

start 15.11.2019 18:00

Witold Wiśniewski

koniec 15.11.2019 21:00

Lokalizacja: London, Klub Orła Białego 211 Balham High Road SW17 7BQ

Do you know that 42% of startups die because they work on products with no market needs?
Do you know that in established organisations 72% of new products don't meet they revenue targets?

The world is changing constantly, and is changing fast. The products and services that were demanded yesterday may not care anybody tomorrow. One of the factors which can provide help to adequate response to the changing business environment is understanding your customers. This is one of the key elements to put in the foundation in a business strategy.

Join us on 15 November 2019 to explore the practical approach and methods of building understanding of customers.

This training is for:
- Owners / Founders of SMEs who would like to build their skills to be able to get better understanding of their customers.
- Senior managers of SMEs who are responsible for strategy formulation / decision about customer target groups.
- Startup founder who would like to run the business or recently established own organisation.
- Business Developers, Sales Consultants, Partnership Managers and all people who need to understand customer really well to serve them better.

The venue: White Eagle Club, Balham, London (about 30 minutes from the City Centre via Tube, the club is located 5 minutes walk from Balham Station).

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